14 People Who Found Some Photos from Their Childhood and Had a Really Good Laugh

It’s always good to have a look at old pictures and have a good laugh at our naive moments. Today we selected 15 childhood pictures that people found so hilarious they had to share with everyone.


My siblings and I were forced into a ‘pet lookalike’ competition.

It felt so cool

I always told people I met Michael Jackson. Now I found the pic. Man, who was this?!


One day we have to recreate this photo

Meant to say ‘don’t label me’ but she didn’t know how to spell it.

I wanted to be a box for Halloween

Began crying since I thought I was getting my mugshot taken for stealing a piece of taffy.


Found Mom’s lipstick

I was going to someone’s birthday party (not themed). I had a bad allergies and my mom tried to cover it up with makeup.

Recreating our older sister’s photo

I was feeling myself

Just casually kidnapping my own Barbie.

I don’t know what was I thinking


Felt cute.

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