14 People Who Discovered Almost Whole New Worlds Inside Ordinary Things

If you think you know something well because you see it or use it every day, think again! Sometimes you have to really dig in to find all the hidden secrets.


Found an egg inside this egg.


I broke a yard decoration and found one pig playing guitar inside.


The inside of this air mattress looks like an alien cave

This watermelon has a tongue.

All of this was inside of a baseball:

What the inside of a burning log looks like:


Is this a way of recycling?

The core of this rope is recycled diapers..

Newspaper print inside fried chicken

Someone found a fake human head inside a Frankenstein Halloween decoration

The inside of an aloe vera bottle

My dog’s toy had a recycled water bottle inside it.


When you pretending to be something else.

I ripped up my old phone case to discover it’s made of a Macau beer mat.

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