14 People That Got Really Lucky for a Split Second

The people from this compilation are very lucky: they read in-between the lines, somehow avoid falling trees, and are always in the right place at the right time.


“I moved the dryer in our new house and found $105 in the vent.”

The way this tree fell around my car.

A fan bet $20 and won almost $16,000


Found this giant strawberry today in my garden

Me, not being able to eat like a normal person but somehow managed to get away with it.

I’m a pro at parking.

My cat has been missing for 2 months and we just found him today!


I found a live butterfly in my broccoli that I bought (and refrigerated) 5 days ago.

A lucky car owner in Ukraine.

So this is what “2 times bigger” means..

I stayed at my sister’s place and slept in my nephew’s bed. This is the view from that bed this morning. What a lucky kid!

Dropped my crumpet over my cup of tea.

How much luck is needed here?


Found an 1899 penny while walking my dog!

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