14 People Showed Off Their Gorgeous Curls, and We’re Green With Envy

Your curls may be frizzy and break the laws of gravity but when they actually do behave, it’s a true hair victory.


Love my son’s hair!

It was super windy but my curls stayed!

Back in the days, I wanted straight hair so bad!


I finally grew out my salt and pepper locks.

Never thought curly hair and bangs are a good combo

I grew up thinking I had straight hair, then I became a hairstylist and found out that my hair is about as straight as I am.

Multiple stylists told me textured hair couldn’t go white blonde. Proved them so wrong!


Cut my own hair!

Hoping our daughter has curly hair like her mom!

Some child with cancer is about to have a FABULOUS head of curly hair!

Amazing transformation!

Good hair day on a 1st date!

I’m finally happy with my curls 2.5 years after losing my hair from chemo


I recently met someone who has encouraged me to embrace my inner curly girl!

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