14 People Shared Marketing Fails That Really Dissapointed Them

When people buy a product, they hope that it, at least, won’t disappoint them. But reality may not be that rosy, and confused customers face things like mutant cookies, marshmallows packs, where each sweet is individually wrapped in plastic, and many more unique things.


White text on yellow packaging? Not the best idea.

You gotta be kidding me!

The packaging says 8 pieces. Well, at least they didn’t lie.


When a customer buys one of these drinks, I have to risk the bottles falling and shattering on the floor, but I can’t scan the package otherwise.

I bought the smaller ice cream but I didn’t expect it to be this tiny.

They forgot something.

$140 perfume.


No wonder people hate paleo food.

What the hell is this?

How am I supposed to break this chocolate?

That’s so much unnecessary plastic waste.

Standing at the checkout, I noticed that the number of sweets in the packages was different. The packaging isn’t damaged.

Remember: check the weight of the product, not the packaging.


They could have put 2 extra cookies.

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