14 Brides Proved That The Perfect Wedding Dress Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

With a little bit of work and a positive attitude, anything is possible — even finding the perfect dress for the perfect price.


$150 wedding dress ordered online that actually turned out to be beautiful.

Would you believe that this wedding dress was less than $50?

“My wedding dress originally cost $500. The saleswoman from the boutique felt that it was the right dress for me so she gave us a 50% discount.”


Ordered my wedding dress via Instagram. I’m so glad it turned out well.

I wanted a short wedding dress that wasn’t too expensive.

Bought this dress for 300 dollars.

Since we only had 2 months to plan everything, I didn’t really care about the dress but I’m glad I found this one and only for $62.


My dress cost $7 just 2 years ago and I can still perfectly wear it, even though I’ve given birth since then!

My wedding dress cost $250 and I ordered it online. The only thing I had to do was cut it.

I bought my dress on Wish for $80. It was perfect! Just how I always  wanted it to be.

I can’t believe my dream dress only cost $200!

My dress cost $126 on AliExpress, and the veil just $9. With all the money I saved, I could afford to invite some people that I wanted to have by my side at the wedding.

My aunt made this dress for me. It all cost only $207.


$25 from Wish.


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