13 Messed Up Tattoos You Don’t Want to Have No Matter What

Everyone makes decisions differently about getting tattoos. Some people take a long time to think everything through and some people decide to do it spontaneously and emotionally. Most people from our compilation are probably spontaneous.


What I wanted and what I got.

Treble clef tattoo

Her tattoo says “fresh spring rolls”


This is so ugly.

What is this fat bird?

My friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed Darth Vader on himself.

These were supposed to be flowers.


What did they do to my mother’s photo?

This is really artistic.

A buddy of mine has a friend who gave himself this in the 8th grade

What’s up with these poor animals?

Messed up the spelling…

A guy got the same tattoo as the dog he got. It turned out that the tattoo means that the dog was neutered.


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