12 Photos That Make Us Grateful for This Life

It’s when we’re going through a hard time we realize that the thing we are looking for is already ours. Happiness comes in tiny packages and sometimes all we need is to appreciate the things we have.


Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Hours before his passing, he’s putting a smile on his newly born great-grandson.

Fans made this Kobe and Gigi mural overnight while mourning.


I brought him home doubting he would make it through the night.

2 different worlds

My 10-year-old daughter wanted me to walk on the beach with her..took the best picture of my life.

Becoming my own superhero


A dad loving the sight of his son becoming a dad

My cousin, who has a rare developmental disorder, went on her first date yesterday before a dance

Seeing grandpa after a long time

The progression of Alzheimer’s through my mom’s crocheting

A Disney princess letting a blind fan touch and feel her crown and dress

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