12 Photos Showing How Devastated Mother Nature Feels When We Stab Her in the Back

We collected the photos of what happens when humans get in nature’s own way and we tried to show you how nature really feels about this unwanted impact.


We cut down his tree. Now I feel horrible!

Just trying to save his home

This poor parrot missing the Amazon


A stray dog in Bucharest huddles in a street after a blizzard.

These otters are suffering from oil pollution

These polar bears eating rubbish

This egret’s feet, legs, and bottom feathers are coated in oil.


A homesick girraffe

This polar bear was an icon of the Central Park Zoo. He began swimming obsessively in his pool for up to 12 hours a day. Reporters dubbed him “neurotic,” “depressed,” and “bipolar,” turning him into a “symbol of the stress of living in New York City.”

A koala is sitting in the remains of his home.

A devastated kangaroo after the massive bushfires in Australia

Laysan albatross live in piles of trash

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