12 Inspiring People Who Set Goals and Actually Reach Them

Every person in this compilation had to deal with difficulties on their way to their dreams. But all of them were able to overcome laziness and other obstacles with so much success that we’re inspired to do the same.


100 lbs down!

Dreams do come true if you work hard.

330 lb vs 82 lb


I lost 239 lb and improved my posture.

We are humble folks living on a single income and we had a really old fridge that was bad for our health, and now we got a new one!

I feel so much more comfortable in my body right now.

After financially struggling for my entire adult life, I finally got a good job in a different state about 2 years ago. My bills are finally shrinking, and I saw my full shoe closet today and felt like sharing


I couldn’t gain weight for ages. But I finally managed to.

Took good care of my hair and improved my nutrition.

Can you see how happy am I?

Dreams do come true.

My pencil drawing progress

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