11 Expensive Things That Can Actually Save You A Lot Of Money

When trying to save money, we often make some dumb purchases that seem profitable, but from a long-term perspective, they affect both our well-being and the quality of our lives.


Expensive shoes

If you wear quality shoes, you won’t need any band-aids, foot deodorants, and other products for your feet. Also, they help you avoid problems with your joints and your back. So, you’ll end up paying less money overall.


Electric toothbrush

Studies show that people using electric toothbrushes have less plaque on their teeth and their gums are healthier. So, they don’t go to dentists as often.


Basic clothes


If you have a good basic wardrobe, full of quality basic clothes, you can spice it up with new trendy details every season.


Orthopaedic mattress

An orthopaedic mattress can lower our stress levels, relieve muscle pain, and improve our overall health. That way you save a lot of money on doctors.



Basically, the device can cook food when you are far away from home. All you need to do it put all the ingredients into the pot set the right mode, and watch the process through an app. Also, they consume less energy than stoves.


Water bottle with a filter

If you have this device, you can enjoy pure, clean water the whole day and not spend a penny on it. Also, you’re not harming the environment.


Leather belt


A leather belt lasts much longer than a faux leather belt so it’s worth the money.


Laptop stand

Constant overheating (because of the lack of ventilation) may end up breaking your laptop. With a laptop stand, you don’t need to worry about any damage to your device.



One of the reasons why split ends appear because stylists cut hair with blunt scissors. So, if you don’t want to pay twice and have to visit your hairdresser every few weeks, opt for a more expensive hairdresser.


High-quality underwear

Comfortable underwear, made of natural fabrics, will be used longer and will be easy to combine with any piece of clothing.


Vacuum sealer

With one of these, you can extend the shelf life of your favorite foods and save a lot of money.


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