6 Text Habits That Can Drive Anyone Up the Wall

We are already accustomed to the thought that the bulk of our communication happens on social media and in messages. However, we still can’t get used to some of the annoying ways our friends and acquaintances use them.

One word messages

7 Text Habits That Can Drive Anyone Up the Wall

Sometimes when communicating with friends, it can be very convenient to convey your thoughts using short sentences, especially when you are eager to share something emotional. But it’s a totally different thing when your sentences are split up into single words. Most people would be annoyed when getting a bunch of super short messages. It makes the person on the receiving end feel like they have to constantly watch the screen and your process of forming thoughts.

Imagine another situation — the person you’re talking to is located in another part of the apartment when they start getting notifications every second, about new messages. Try to fully and correctly form your thoughts instead of pressing the “Send” button after every word.


A single “Hello”

Another annoying habit, that aggravates everyone, is sending a lone “Hello.” It might seem like a polite way of starting a conversation but, in fact, it confuses people. Is the person who sent the message waiting for a return “Hello”? Other options like “Hi. Are you there?,” “Do you have a minute?,” are also on the same list. The most polite and logical way is to not break the greeting up from the rest of the message and to just get down to the core of your message right away. Remember this rule and try to follow it.


Digital greeting cards that have no soul

7 Text Habits That Can Drive Anyone Up the Wall

You might consider yourself a lucky person if you never got a card that says, “Good morning!,” “Have a nice Saturday!,” or “Have a warm fall season.” etc. Once any holiday appears on the horizon, “card terrorists” are ready to attack their victims. These soulless digital greeting messages are not likely to touch anyone’s heart and they just take up the phone’s memory. If you want to congratulate someone, it’s better to write a couple of sincere phrases or just call them — that will definitely make the person feel better than receiving one of these.


Too many posts

Perhaps you have friends who like to share the tiniest details of their life. They post photos of every building, tree, or flower that they see.

Social media is becoming smarter and trying to fight the amount of excess posts by hiding them and not letting them appear in other people’s newsfeeds. Unless you are in the business of providing information, you don’t need to make so many posts.


Silly hashtags and emojis

7 Text Habits That Can Drive Anyone Up the Wall

If you spice up your messages with a bunch of emojis and hashtags, it becomes more difficult to perceive the text. It looks strange when emojis are placed after each sentence, as if you’re explaining the idea of the sentence to the ’dumb’ reader.

It’s the same situation with hashtags. Though various bloggers have already learned how to hide them in comments, there are still many users who continue putting them in every post. And they very often don’t have any meaning at all.


Voice messages containing one word

7 Text Habits That Can Drive Anyone Up the Wall

First of all, it might just be inconvenient for the person on the receiving end to listen to a voice message. Second, when we say our thoughts out loud, we tend to overload them with unnecessary information, even losing the main point along the way. Finally, the habit of sending voice messages consisting of 1 or 2 words can be deemed strange. Audio messages weigh more than text messages and if the receiver’s internet connection is slow, it will take a lot more time for it to load. Also, voice messages don’t give the receiver the option to highlight text and send the other person a part of the message. The function of searching for necessary messages is also not there. So, if you want to send someone a voice message, you should first find out in advance whether it’s convenient for them.

By the way, there is a small useful lifehack — if you got a voice message and don’t have an opportunity to listen to it using earphones, simply press the “Play” button and place the phone to your ear. It will make the sound switch to the front dynamic and make the message hearable by you only.



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