5 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

The average person walks 245-292 kilometers in a year. That’s why it’s crucial to find a perfect pair of shoes that won’t damage your feet. Being fashionable is cool, but being healthy is way cooler.


Pointed shoes may be too tight.

6 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

Wide feet won’t feel happy in pointed shoes. They are too tight and will put a lot of pressure on your toes. No one wants to be squeezed, and this definitely also includes your feet. It can lead to things like nerve pain and blisters. So before buying a nice fashionable pair of pointy shoes, check to see if your feet feel totally comfortable inside of them.


Flip flops lead to serious misalignment in your ankles

6 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

Flip flops seem great for summer and the beach. But let’s take a better look at them and see if this is true. First of all, you can’t really call them comfortable because they rub between your toes and cause skin damage. Second, wearing them can lead to misalignment in your ankles and knees because your feet are not supported properly.

Also, while walking, your feet may feel tired faster and it is very difficult to run in flip flops.


High heels can cause nerve damage.

6 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

Yes, women love high heels because they look great and make them feel attractive, but the damage can be bigger than you think. Wearing high heels often leads to sprains, ingrown toenails, nerve damage, and lower back pain.

To get rid of these problems, it’s advised to make sure your everyday heels aren’t any higher than 3 inches. And remember you can always change your shoes at the office, if you can’t go a day without longer legs.


Flat shoes put pressure on the plantar fascia.

6 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

This might be surprising, but flat shoes can also damage your legs. It happens because they don’t have any arch support which puts pressure on the plantar fascia. As a result, you experience pain in your knees and back.

But there’s no need to get rid of your flat shoes. You can just buy orthotic inserts that will fix the position of your feet.


Running shoes that are too light and soft and may cause trauma.

6 Types of Shoes That Can Do Too Much Damage to Your Body

That is right! Let’s only wear our running shoes when we’re running. If you wear them every day, because they seem so comfortable and light, they can damage your feet on impact because they are just too flexible and soft.

Don’t stress your plantar fascia and instead choose a better option for every day. Athletic shoes with harder bottoms are much safer, for example.



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